Ann’s Surly Burly Girlie

This is my Surly, my burly girlie, the light of my two-wheeled life. The frame is a 2008 Surly Cross-Check, built up with an 18-speed drivetrain (compact double in front). She’s got 29er mountain bike wheels and Kevlar-belted tires for toughness, a Brooks saddle and swept-back handlebars for comfort, and I’ve rebuilt an army-surplus rucksack into a saddlebag for cargo. The whole shebang comes in at just under 25 pounds – outstanding for a rolling, bombproof easy chair. In our first year together we’ve put in more than 3,000 miles, which makes this a fine romance with some serious staying power. –Ann Claycombe


4 Responses

  1. nice build there, i like the looks of it, and the bag, thats just killer! i found a trek track bike the other day, once the taxes are done, its mine! thats going to be 3 fixies and one more on the way being built, when you going to post yours???

  2. Congrats–love the one you sre with! ;o)

  3. I am such a sucker for a well built, working bike. Simplicity incites beauty. Enjoy.

  4. Great looking bike. It looks like the stem is long enough to give you a bit of upper body forward tilt. Can you tell me what the length is? Also, your handlebars look like the Nitto Promenade, which I love, but the Promenade can’t handle bar shifters. Can you tell me the manufacturer/brand of your bars?


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